Management and Care of The Geriatric Horse


Horse care is altering in the United States and some of the most dramatic proof to that is the life expectancy of our steeds. Now it prevails to see horses in their upper twenties and even into their thirties.

Ponies may reach their forties. There are numerous factors for this dramatic increase in longevity. In the past if steeds can not work, they were not usually continued the farm. Today a horse might remain a crucial member of the family long after the athletic soundness has reduced. It is these older equines who teach our grand children to ride and who offer a couple of moments of calm for us in this hectic world.

Our geriatric steeds need a bit more care than their more youthful stable mates. Nutrition is the very first area of issue. Older steeds commonly do not utilize their feed in addition to younger equines and might become thin. We could need to feed the older horse a bit even more feed or a little much better quality feed to keep their body condition. There are likewise senior feeds that have actually been formulated to be easier for the older horse to digest.