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Large Animal Veterinary Rounds was derived from Large Animal Rounds presented at the WCVM’s Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences.

Marques, F.J. Fluid therapy: general practical recommendations for camelids

The camelid industry is relatively new and ever-evolving, as is our knowledge about these animals. Camelids differ from ruminants in several ways and in many situations they must be treated differently. Llama and alpaca caseloads tend to rise from year to year, both in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine hospital and in other referral practices, and it is essential that veterinarians keep up with the latest information available in this developing medical field.

Further, since recommendations given today may not be valid in the near future, veterinarians must remain open to considering new ideas. This issue of Large Animal Veterinary Rounds reviews general fluid therapy principles and indicates some practical recommendations for camelids. The concepts discussed are based on current literature, research, the available reference material and the personal experience of well-respected camelid veterinarians around the world. Reproduced with permission from CAB Abstracts.