Food For Freedom – The Ultimate Survival Food by Review | Does It Really True?

Food For Freedom – The Ultimate Survival Food by Review | Does It Really True?

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Food For Freedom is a detailed guide that looks into the process of building an Aquaponic garden at home, which can allow your household to flourish in times of need with fresh food.

In case you didn’t hear about it previously, Aquaponics is the process of combining aquaculture and hydroponics together. The process requires using the waste items of fish as an effective fertilizer while the plants function as natural filters, keeping the water clean.

Frank Tanner describes that the idea of this guide was developed during one of California’s water shortages when food growth ends up being a major issue. Frank states that the water scarcity is ending up being an extremely severe problem that lots of people are simply overlooking, and it is just a matter of time before the United States will suffer exactly what is referred to as a “mega-drought” event. Once this happens, the collapse of the food industry impends as majority the vegetables and fruits in the United States are grown in California.

To help you prevent the results of such a “mega-drought” event, inside his Food For Freedom system Frank Tanner provides detailed Aquaponics blueprints that were created to provide a family of approximately 10 members with ample food. In addition, Frank explains that this system has the capability to slash a family’s food costs by over 75 % within just a few brief weeks.




To help you understand better exactly what the Food For Freedom program can offer you, here are some examples of the subjects that Frank Tanner covers inside the primary guide:
> Info and descriptions about a complimentary option to a $4000 fish tank.
> Ways to grow tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and broccoli larger and better than even the blue ribbon winning farmer at the state fair.
> All the information you have to learn about how to get the perfect combination of soils, seeds, and fish.
> Step-by-step plans to build a greenhouse for your Aquaponic garden, and a lot more.




FOOD FOR FREEDOM program includes all the knowledge you have to get your system working and operate it daily using at most 5 minutes of your time! You will likewise find how to grow the most significant, tastiest tomatoe, radishes, broccoli, and carrots! Simply follow the easy directions and you will never have to spend a dime to get your favorite vegetables… and due to the fact that there are no pesticides or chemicals involved you will feel their complete natural tastes.

The very best thing about utilizing Aquaponics is that you can start using it the minute it prepares and it will slash your grocery expense by 80 % in the very first 6 weeks. That adds up to countless dollars in cost savings over a number of months… Just another fantastic part about being self-dependent. Remember that you don’t need to have more than 300 sq. ft. to feed a family of 6. This system will work for you even if you need to use it on a roof or location it in the garage or the basement… as long as you have some source of light, the veggies will grow and the fish will feed them.


Now, Bill and I wished to see to it you can get the most from your “FOOD FOR FREEDOM” program and be entirely pleased with your investment, that’s why we are likewise adding 4 unique bonuses into this bundle that are just offered today:

1. DIY Greenhouse Blueprint

If you consider establishing the “FOOD FOR FREEDOM” outside your house or if you need a huge amount of food than constructing a greenhouse is the best solution:
– Inside you will find an easy, step by step overview of establishing a greenhouse for your Aquaponic garden.
– The greenhouse will shelter your garden even if you stay in exceptionally cold locations or throughout winter;
– You will not believe how basic it is to set up this custom made enclosure for your “FOOD FOR FREEDOM” system even if you have never developed a DIY Project in your life.
– And do not fret about the expense… members of our neighborhood have actually handled to develop their greenhouses for under $57.

2. Simple Survival Canning

Canning is the best way to create a long term supply of food by benefiting from exactly what today is in excess. Many individuals who have tried the “FOOD FOR FREEDOM” system found that it generated more food that they actually needed and in some cases it was simply lost because they lacked the understanding to appropriately keep it. This is exactly what “Simple Survival Canning” is everything about: it reveals you the simple techniques used to keep surplus food so you will never ever have to fret about not having enough to put on the table.

3. Setting Up Your Survival Seed bank

– It’s not everything about the harvesting… you have to keep some seeds to grow your brand-new plants and inside you will discover exactly how to do it.
– You will find out how to choose the very best types of seeds for your Aquaponic garden. So that you will grow the healthiest and most resistant plants.
– Timing is everything. That consists of knowing when to use your survival seed bank. And we will share the farming tricks of when and how to collect for the best outcomes.

4. Container Garden Secrets

If you decided to broaden your garden beyond Aquaponics you need to be equipped with the knowledge and tricks of container gardening.
This guide is jam loaded with insider information like:
– Exactly what type of soil to use in your garden;
– How choosing the material of the pot affects the plant itself;
– Exactly what plants need more sun and what plants grow in the shade;
Everything is created to make sure you will have a delicious, diverse and healthy harvest every time.


The Pros Food For Freedom:
1. Extremely Affordable
Using the Aquaponic garden system that Frank Tanner explains in his Food For Freedom blueprints, you can expect to gather around 200 pounds of vegetables month-to-month and 700 pounds of fish in a year (depending upon the size of your garden of course). While that is just an estimate, think about just how much food that actually is! Naturally, if you don’t require that much food you can always sell or distribute all the excess.

2. Provides A Long Lasting Option
Although Frank Tanner says that he designed his Food For Freedom guide to help people handle a mega-drought occasion, a crisis is not “needed” for you in order to benefit from the Aquaponics system described in the plans. We believe that this is in fact simply an excellent method to start saving a great deal of cash on your grocery costs, and being virtually 100 % self-sufficient.

3. Everything Is Easy To Understand
There is no need for PhD. with this guide. Frank Tanner utilizes daily terms and makes all the steps easy enough to follow and understand when you start to build your own Aquaponics garden.

4. 60-Day Full Refund Policy
Frank Tanner offers a 60-day cash back guarantee for his Food For Freedom package and discusses that if for any reason you will not present his program beneficial for you, you can claim a full refund during that period. We personally believe that having a refund policy like this is an excellent method to give you a bit more assurance when purchasing any type of product off the internet.


The Cons Food For Freedom:
1. Some Details About This Topic Is Freely Offered Online
The truth of the matter is you can present lots of info about Aquaponics totally free on the internet. Merely type “Aquaponics garden” or “Aquaponics system” into Google and take a look at the results. What we aim to state is that you can learn a lot about the Aquaponics idea online, and to present some totally free blueprints too.
With that stated, it is also vital to say that from our research study it seems that lots of totally free blueprints available online are poor quality ones. We personally think that the majority of them can most likely do more damage than good, and make you confused when attempting to build your Aquaponics garden.

2. Real Work Is Involved
While it holds true that Frank Tanner has done all the research for you in order to make it as easy as possible to understand the best ways to set up everything, his suggestions will not do anything for you unless you head out and develop the Aquaponics garden on your own.
Simply puts, prior to you go and buy the Food For Freedom program you will wish to ensure that you have the time and energy to dedicate to not only constructing an Aquaponics garden however tending to it and harvesting. There is a significant amount of work involved, particularly in establishing the garden.

3. Just Readily available Online
At the moment, the Food For Freedom blueprints can just be bought in a digital format, and a hard-copy version of the guide is not readily available yet. If you are trying to find a printed variation, your only choice will be to print everything on your own…


Much like any other course that was created to assist you build an Aquaponics garden by yourself, “Food For Freedom” has its pluses and minuses, and it is never the ideal choice for everyone. This is particularly true if you currently have lots of experience with Aquaponics systems and you are trying to find very sophisticated methods and strategies. Having stated that, if you are simply beginning with Aquaponics and you are looking for an easy-to-follow course which contains all the steps and recommendations you need to know in order to install an Aquaponic garden system at your house, then Food For Freedom is an excellent alternative for you.

We must confess that the plans and step-by-step instructions that Frank Tanner offers actually pleased us and our team believe that they make the building process as simple as it can get. What we actually like about the Food For Freedom program is that it reveals you ways to establish a really affordable and long-term option that will assist you to become self-dependent and prepared for any “mega-drought” event that might take place in the future. In addition, we have actually likewise discovered the benefit products that Frank Tanner provides to be very beneficial and we believe that most people will discover them to be an excellent aid too.

All in all, if you wish to avoid losing your time with low-grade blueprints and to start developing your Aquaponics garden with the help of a detailed guide, then we will advise you to give the Food For Freedom system a shot. After all, if you will not be pleased with the plans that Frank Tanner provides, or decide for any reason that his Food For Freedom program is not for you, then you can constantly call him within 2 months and to request a complete refund.




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So you know that Food For Freedom – The Ultimate Survival Food works. The other thing you must know that you are secured by 100% money back guarantee.(no questions, you just take your money back) So you are safe to try this.