Deworming Programs for Horses


Right here’s an easy two-step strategy to assist you create a superior deworming (or worming) program that is finest suited for your horse.

When it comes to deworming your horse, are you zipping the seat of your pants? Time to obtain grounded. A haphazard deworming program puts him at risk for increased exposure to parasite eggs and larvae.

The initial step helps you choose whether to put him on a routine (“purge”) program, or give him a day-to-day dewormer with his feed. The second step covers three parasitic “nuisances” that aren’t constantly eliminated by a basic dewormer. Then I offer you tips on the best ways to stick to the program you select. Lastly, I information 2 day-by-day sample deworming programs, and provide you the rundown on 6 reliable dewormers.

Step 1: Select Your Schedule
Initially, choose whether to put your horse on a regular (“purge”) program with a paste dewormer or give him everyday dewormer in his feed. To assist you identify which program is right for your horse, I’ll quickly describe a worm’s life cycle, then how each deworming program works to disrupt that cycle. Next, I’ll offer you a short quiz to help you identify your horse’s specific requirements.

Step 2: Target Troublemakers
Whether you select purge or day-to-day deworming, you won’t kill some unsafe parasites unless you take additional steps. These nuisances are bots, tapeworms, and encysted cyathostomes (one of the most destructive immature kinds of small strongyles). Right here’s a general program to overcome these parasites, however contact your vet to develop a program right for your horse and your specific area.