Abdominal Disease in Calves

AbdominalDiseaseinCalvesYou discover a calf lying down and kicking at its belly, back up and running, then falling and kicking once again. Presuming a significant trouble, you get him in but in an hour he is back to regular. What about the lovely six-week-old calf– fat and healthy– that you found dead in the field? A post-mortem exposed a burst abomasum with tummy contents floating in the abdominal areas. What is taking place?

The digestion system of a calf goes through an exceptional improvement. As a nursing calf, the milk basically goes straight to its fourth tummy (the abomasum) by means of an amazing structure referred to as the esophageal grove. The rumen of the calf, really little at first, begins to develop at 3 to 4 days of age as the calf begins to eat little bits of roughage and picks up germs and protozoa from licking the ground and manure.